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Health insurance may seem broken to you but not for those who designed it to operate as it is, for their benefit, not yours.

The Legacy Benefits group gives brokers and their clients a better approach.

Introducing Transperra, a health insurance destination that delivers control over cost and better overall outcomes to business leaders.

Transperra Bridge is the strategic and incremental path for arriving there.

The Legacy Benefits Group

Product Portfolio


Traditional Self Funded Plans

Structured to fit your needs


Level Funded Medical Plans

Fully funded, competitive options


ACA Compliance

Enhanced MEC to eliminate penalties


Happy Clients


Satisfied Agency Partners


Years in the Market


Avg. Increase at Renewal

Our specialization

We offer self-funded group medical plans (traditional and level-funded) to groups of 2 or more employees


Health Insurance

Giving Employers The Power


Ancillary Benefits

Rounding Out Your Program

health-insurance (1).png

And Much More

Every Benefits Solution 

 Advisory Health Strategies

A Collection of the most Innovative Health Insurance Companies in the Market


Legacy's most innovative group medical solution

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