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About US

Providing Every Self-Funded Strategy You Will Ever Need

By using the most innovative cost containment concepts in the market we provide ANY strategy you need. We offer the traditional plans of today, the insurance of the future, and everything in-between. With concepts similar to Health Rosetta, NextGen Benefits, and others, we provide the bridge to Unbundled Programs, Reference Based Pricing (RBP), Fair Market Pricing (FMP), Direct Contracts, Direct Primary care, Virtual Primary Care, and much more.



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Our Story

About The Legacy Benefits Group

The Legacy Benefits Group is an innovative insurance marketing firm specializing in innovative self funded group health insurance programs. Our goal is to give employers control over their insurance programs and the ability to offer what they need.

We are your GYDE

We offer technology, compliance, enrollment and real benefits communication services with a focus on education so members truly understand how to be consumers of healthcare and access it in an efficient and affordable manner.



Ben Admin, HRIS, System Integrations and more


True Benefits Education

Call center enrollment and benefit communication team



Reporting, filing, HR resources, and more

Not sure what you need?

Which types of insurance match with your business.

Our Story

We have a great history to
start our company.


Launched The Comprehensive Benefits Group

A premier benefits communication company focus on education with a primary focus on offering Humana and BlueCross plan education.



Partnered with AgentLink

We ran the ancillary benefits enrollment division for a large General Agency building to be one of the top benefits producers in the State. We sold out interest in 2010 to the original principals. The GA eventually sold to a private equity firm.

Launched The Comprehensive Benefits Group

We started offer group medical programs in addition to our benefits communication and enrollment company with a focus on integrated cost containment




Rebranded to The Legacy Benefits Group and rounded out our product portfolio. We have since expanded to sales in 18 States where we work with nearly 50 agencies, some of which amoungst the largest insurance agencies in the Country. 

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