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Professional industry affiliation discounts

We have access to numerous association plans with EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE rates for these MAJOR association groups.  

The Legacy Benefits Group is pleased to offer Association employee benefits lines for association members. Our programs are unique, innovative, heavily inspired by wellness and 5% - 7% off of our standard "street" rates. Our rates are even published for quick comparison.

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The  Association Groups we have solutions for

Do you  provide inpatient nursing and rehabilitative services to patients who require continuous health care, but not hospital services? Usually under the direction of a physician? Are you representing a convalescent homes with continuous nursing care, Extended care facilities, Mental retardation hospitals, Nursing homes or similar?

Imvolved in providing medical, surgical, and other health services to persons? Establishments or groups, such as health maintenance organizations (hmos), primarily engaged in providing medical or other health services to members are included. Hospices are classified according to the primary service provided. 

Do you provide social services and rehabilitation services to those persons with social or personal problems requiring special services and to the handicapped and the disadvantaged?  Or do you solicite funds to be used directly for these and related services? 

Is your establishment engaged in the retail sale of new automobiles or new and used automobiles? Do you maintain repair departments and carry stocks of replacement parts, tires, batteries, and automotive accessories. These establishments also frequently sell pickups and vans at retail. You're in luck!

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Are you involved in furnishing local or long-distance trucking, delivery, hauling or transfer services by motor on land? Or is your group or association engaged in the storage of farm products, furniture and other household goods, or commercial goods? What if involved in operation of terminal facilities for handling freight?

Work for the executive, legislative, judicial, administrative and regulatory activities of Federal, State, local and international governments? Are you with a Government-owned and operated business?

Are you working with on transformation of materials or substances to new products? Work at a plants, factories, or mills and characteristically use power driven machines and materials handling equipment? Are you engaged in assembling component parts of manufactured products? 

Engaged in excavation work and digging foundations, including digging and loading?. Contractors in this industry may also perform incidental concrete work, earth moving or land grading? Basically, if you move dirt you can qualify.

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