Enrollment Services

The Comprehensive Benefits Group Enrollment Company (CBG) is a sister company of The Legacy Benefits Group. CBG has been providing top quality benefit enrollment services for many years. Our staff has a combined over 100 years of insurance enrollment experience.  Our success has been based on (1) planning, (2) flexible and customizable enrollment techniques, (3) meaningful materials, and (4) the ability to streamline the open enrollment process at both the employee and employer level. We are a valued to partner to both agents and HR departments. We provide a resource for each employee to help them decide what benefit options are best for them and their specific needs. As a result, the benefits are better received and participation typically is greater.

"CBG offers you a wide variety of enrollment services that will bring real time and effort free solutions. Eliminate the stress and complexity of benefits administration for you and your employees."

Pre Enrollment Education Techniques:


  • Enrollment timelines

  • Electronic Benefit Books

  • Customized Employee Engagement Website

  • Payroll Stuffers

  • Webinars

Enrollment Strategy and Process:
  •  Option 1: One-on-One Enrollments can be available

           Mandatory One-on-One enrollments are a great enrollment strategy for any open enrollment.

  • Option 2: Call Center Support​

           This option is a great way to conduct all of your enrollments. With the ability to customize our call center for your employees, we can enroll all of                the employees in an efficient and flexible  manner.  This method is used for new hire enrollments throughout the year as well.

  • Option 3: Web based self serve enrollments

           Everyone wants to be online. Why not let them do their benefits online as well. Manage benefits in the simplest way possible.

Post Enrollment Process:
  • Custom formated Carrier Exports
  • Custom formatted Payroll Exports
  • Benefit Confirmation
  • Data and dependent audits
  • Total Compensation statements
  • Perpetual enrollment support
Powerful and Flexible Technology

Your business is unique, with its own combination of benefits, plans, and providers. So we at The Legacy Benefits Group use modern technology to handle diverse groups with complex eligibility rules and plan designs.options available.

Our enrollment services are tailorable to your needs. Full, partial, person-to-person, online or a combination. Lets discuss your needs and requirements.

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