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Episode 6: In today’s episode, JP Barta, CEO of The Legacy Benefits Group, is joined by Shawn Norris, VP Corporate Benefits of NFP in Evansville, IN. NFP is a large-scale brokerage with 330 offices across the country, over 6,000 employees and approximately 70,000 corporate clients located both in the US and abroad. They are currently the 5th largest employee benefits brokerage in the US. NFP has worked with The Legacy Benefits Group for years.

JP begins the conversation by talking about how he and Shawn met. Due to the scale of NFP, the company doesn’t need gimmicky solutions to win over and secure business in its corporate marketplace. They recognize the value of The Legacy Benefits Group and its approach to employee benefit solutions.

Reducing the cost of employer provided healthcare

Shawn recognized the “outside of the box” alternatives provided by JP and his organization. This was especially important when the ACA was causing significant rate changes in the health insurance industry. The rates and cost-containment measures were extremely helpful for Shawn and his clients.

The rate increases are driven medical inflation, but also a number of other factors. Companies relying on a status quo approach are placing themselves at a financial disadvantage. Creative solutions enable the both client organization and the broker to maintain some semblance of control over the situation. Shawn credits The Legacy Benefits Group with providing some of the creative solutions resulting in NFP’s growth and sustainability. It’s been a way to reset the health insurance market for NFP’s clients.

Shawn describes a company he’s worked on with JP since 2014. Their current rates for employee healthcare are less expensive today than they were in 2014.

JP discusses how some brokers can be a barrier by accepting the status quo programs from the insurance companies on behalf of their clients. NFP was able to recognize and engage with the opportunities provided by The Legacy Benefits Group.

Over the years, the average small to medium-sized business has seen employee turnover, higher deductibles and premiums and other issues resulting in healthcare benefits the employees really can’t afford or use, effectively. Companies working with The Legacy Benefits Group have seen rate decrease, multi-year rate holds and other advantages because of how the programs offer a different approach (often through education) regarding the use of healthcare benefits.

Long-Term Care is an industry segment that often struggles with employee health benefit programs. Employees in this segment aren’t highly paid. The cost of benefits is significant. Turnover also compounds the problem for the employer. Shaw explained that the 15-20% reductions they were able to offer have had a very positive impact on the members of the associations with which they’ve partnered. NFP continues to work with its clients to grow in this important segment.

Opportunities Exist in Virtually Every Market

JP and Shaw discuss how some brokers try to push off the idea of changing from the status quo, until the right opportunity comes up. In reality, very few companies wouldn’t benefit from at least considering the options provided by The Legacy Benefits Group. Shaw stresses the importance of working closely with JP’s group. There are significant savings available if the broker will simply consider presenting the solutions. Shaw comments that The Legacy Benefits Group has saved 1 particular group over $2,000,000 in specialty prescription costs alone. What CEO or HR manager can ignore that type of savings in today’s environment?

When employees are given alternatives and shown how significant cost savings can be realized, many are eager to engage with a program that allows them to do so. JP explains employees aren’t forced to change to specific facilities. However, those options do exist and the cost of medical care is lower at certain facilities. Employees often pursue them because of the positive impact on their individual, financial situations.

The Application Process is Simple

JP explains that the application company employees provide to The Legacy Benefits Group are 2-pages long. Even for a recent company with fewer than 30 employees, the cost savings were significant. Had the company and/or broker not considered this alternative, that saving would have been lost to the status quo approach.

Shawn explains that for the companies his team engages, more often than not, by completing the application process it leads to employer/employee savings and better benefits.

In Episode 5, JP discussed how 61% of total US healthcare costs are generated by 3 primary categories (hospitals, primary care and prescriptions). The plans provided by The Legacy Benefits Group and tailored for the individual company target those 3 categories and more. The cost savings in these areas can be substantial.

It Make Sense to Look at These Options

Shawn comments about how companies seriously need to consider alternative approaches, especially in this business environment. You have to find a way to reduce costs for both the company and its employees. The effort required is much less than most companies anticipate. Shawn recommends every company investigate how they can benefit from programs provided by The Legacy Benefit Group.

JP and Shawn work to customize a health insurance package that is designed to benefit the specific company. That’s a level of responsiveness not always available from the larger insurance providers. It’s an important advantage.

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The goal for the Legacy Benefits Group is to be able to offer comprehensive, major medical coverage without restricting access to quality care. Again, part of that capability is proven by educating people about how to be better consumers of healthcare.

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